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October 6-8, 2024 • San Diego, CA

Remote Revolution: Inside the Trailblazing  ‘Shippo’s Everywhere’ Model

In an era when the workplace concept is being redefined, Teryle Aguilar, SVP of People at Shippo, is leading innovation with Shippo’s remote-first model. With a background that spans DoorDash to NBCUniversal, Aguilar brings a wealth of experience in HR and people team leadership.

Ahead of her session at Culture Summit 2024, we dive into her journey, the evolution of her passion for HR, and the groundbreaking “Shippo’s Everywhere” strategy that is setting new standards for remote work.

What initially sparked your passion for the HR/Culture/People domain?

“My passion was ignited under an inspiring HR leader during a summer job. Although my initial path was in biochemistry, I discovered my true calling in HR, leading to a career dedicated to enhancing workplace cultures across various industries.”

Can you recount the most valuable piece of work or culture-related advice you’ve received?

“One key lesson is that you cannot simply copy and paste cultural practices from one company to another and expect success. It’s crucial to tailor strategies to fit your unique organizational context.”

Delving into the session you’ll present at this year’s Culture Summit can you tell us what motivated you to choose this particular topic?

Remote work remains an unsolved puzzle for many. At Shippo, we’ve experimented extensively with our ‘Shippo’s Everywhere’ model, finding unique ways to engage our team and enhance our culture. This session will share our journey and insights from these experiments.”

If you had to highlight one compelling reason why attendees shouldn’t miss your session, what would it be?

“This session will unveil unique remote work strategies developed at Shippo, addressing leadership challenges and showcasing our innovative programs and data-driven insights for the future of ‘Shippo’s Everywhere.'”

In Summary

Teryle Aguilar’s session, “Shippo’s Everywhere” – Strategies & Insights from Shippo’s Innovative Remote-First Model, at Culture Summit 2024 is a must-attend for those eager to explore the frontiers of remote work and cultural transformation. Join us on Tuesday, October 8, from 10:15 to 11:00 AM in San Diego to learn more!

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