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Welcome Home Culture Champ!

Hey there!  I’m Hung Pham and I founded Culture Summit in 2014 to solve my own problems with disengagement.  You see, I’ve never worked in HR or studied organizational development.  Instead, I started my career as an engineer.

My passion for culture comes from my experience as a disengaged employee.  Looking for a solution, I noticed most conferences targeted executives and focused on a top-down approach.  Because I wasn’t an executive and didn’t work in HR, I asked myself:

“Where does the everyday employee go to learn about building and transforming company culture?”

Rather than wait for change, I decided to become that change.  I wanted a conference that approached building culture from the bottom up; the employee level. 

I’m not an expert by any means, but collectively I believe we can all help each other build the culture we want to work in.  

If this sounds like you, then join our community! 

What You Can Expect at Culture Summit

Culture Summit is community driven; which means you are involved in helping us build the conference you want to attend.  Our goal is to make sure everyone walks away with a little T.L.C. or what we like to call Tools, Learnings, and Community.


Whether it’s employee engagement, employee experience, or employee effectiveness, when you attend Culture Summit, you’ll learn about the latest trends and tools to help you in your journey to transform company culture.


To help you build a better culture from end to end, we coach our speakers and workshop facilitators to give you actionable insights, tips, and strategies that you can take back to your company and immediately implement.


We know building culture is tough which is why we’ve built a community of thousands of culture champions to support you in building culture 365 days a year.  You’re no longer alone and we’ll make sure of this.


There’s No ‘I’ in Team, But There’s a ‘U’ in Culture