Change Comes From Within


Hey there!  I’m Hung Pham and I founded Culture Summit in 2014 to solve my own problems with disengagement.  You see, I’ve never worked in HR or organizational development before.  I started my career as an engineer.

My passion for culture comes from my experience as a disengaged employee.  Looking for a solution, I noticed all the conferences targeted executives and focused on a top-down approach.  Instead, I wanted a conference that approached building culture from the bottom up; the employee level.

Rather than wait for change, I decided to become that change.  I’m not an expert by any means, but collectively I believe we can all transform culture and help employees build the culture they want to work in.  If this sounds like you, then join our community! 

Inspire and Empower 24/7


Hi, I’m Vanessa Shaw, and I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career working on culture.  As you can see, Hung and I chose different career paths, but we both came to the same conclusion; culture is something we can all take ownership of, and everyone deserves to have a workplace experience they love.

Throughout my career, whether it’s delivering a workshop, guiding a team through culture change, or presenting as a keynote, my goal is always the same; to inspire you to take action.  Building Culture Summit is how we are taking action, and our goal is to inspire and empower you to do the same.

We can’t wait to meet you!


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We believe in empowering employees to build the culture they want to work in with a little something we call T.L.C.



What you won’t hear at Culture Summit are fluffy motivational talks.  Instead, we coach our speakers to provide you with actionable tools that you can immediately take back to your company and implement.


In addition to tools, we want to make sure you walk away with tactical strategies and insights to feel confident and excel in your roles as culture champions.  If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.


Lastly, we understand the importance of finding your tribe and connecting with others to help you in your journey.  We’re launching several initiatives to give you that sense of belonging before, during, and especially after Culture Summit.

The Culture Summit was an inspirational and educational experience. It enabled me to connect with like minds and also reflect on how I could be more passionate and engaged myself. Highly recommend and will definitely come back.
- Kate Kastenbaum, HR Leader at Certain
I'm involved in figuring out what’s working and what isn’t to help our employees do their best work individually and together. Culture Summit helped with all of this and provided the data needed.
- Sarah Schoolcraft, Culture Operations Manager at When I Work
Culture Summit is the place to connect with culture champions of all levels. Hung and Vanessa have assembled a carefully curated program that strikes the perfect balance between practical information and motivating inspiration.
- Robert Ellis, Executive Coach