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September 25-27, 2023 • San Diego, CA


Interested in speaking or leading a workshop at Culture Summit?  You’ve come to the right place! If you’re an expert with a culture transformation lesson, case study, innovative approach, or a bit of culture-jedi-wisdom to share, we want to hear from you.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive and the limited number of speaking slots, we’re unable to reply to everyone, however, we do read every application.  Please note that we are unable to pay speaking fees at this time. The deadline to submit your presentation abstract is Friday, March 3rd.

We offer several opportunities to be involved:

  • Keynote presentation
  • Fireside chat or panel discussion
  • Lead a workshop, interactive activity

To get started, please review the content below to get a sense of our audience and what we look for in speaker applications.

There are a few key things that separate a great pitch from one we won’t read a second time. As you begin to write yours, use this page as a resource for what makes a good Culture Summit speaker submission.

A Good Pitch

Introduces a focused topic that explains to us what the audience will learn your presentation; what are the takeaways? what can they apply immediately the next day? A good pitch should be submitted with a short bio explaining your relevance and why you are the best presenter on the topic.

A Focused Topic

Your pitch needs to focus on a topic related to workplace or organizational culture transformation.  It should be relevant to culture champions who make up our audience. Refrain from pitching generic topics.  You don’t need to convince our audience why culture is important, they’re already bought in.

Instead, get specific. Here are some examples from past talks:

  • The Path to Gender Equality in the Workplace
  • Rethinking What it Means to Create an Outstanding Employee Experience
  • The Importance of Rituals on Company Culture
  • Creating Inclusive Cultures in Our Workplaces and Communities
  • Create a Purpose Driven Workplace

Don’t worry about having a clever title as we workshopped all of these.

Explains to the Event Organizer What the Audience Will Learn:

Don’t write your description to sound like marketing or sales teasers. Instead, write details about your topic including takeaways and specifics about the content.  Use language that shows you’ve put thought into this topic and are bringing all your experience and expertise to the table.

In your pitch, explain what the audience will learn and what you are actually going to talk about.  Do share the tactics, frameworks, and insights the audience will leave with. Your pitch should be a book report on your talk.

Note: Culture Summit does not allow sales pitches on stage.

A Short Bio Explaining Your Relevance:

Your bio explains why you should be picked, why you should be listened to, and how you’ll connect with our audience.


Our theme for 2023 is Re-Engage.  Since no two layoffs are the same, the true culture of a company can be seen in how they conduct their layoffs. Some take a non-human approach, while others go the extra mile to support ex-employees during this transition.

But what about the employees that are still there? Many struggle with the guilt of surviving the cut. Low engagement and quiet quitting may become the new norm. Whatever the case, if companies want to avoid paying the long-term consequences of their bottom line actions, they need to get the human side right. 

This means putting transparency, equity, and trust at the heart of everything.

As you prepare your submission, please keep in mind how you can best incorporate and exemplify the theme.

Thank you!