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October 6-8, 2024 • San Diego, CA


6 Pillars to Master Engagement and Workplace Well-Being

Speaker: Maryann Rodriguez (she/her), Employee Experience Manager, Lively

About this Webinar:

Join us for an enlightening webinar with Maryann Rodriguez, the Employee Experience Manager at Lively and a driving force behind workplace transformation.

In “6 Pillars to Master Engagement and Workplace Well-Being,” Maryann will unveil innovative engagement strategies and the significance of nurturing a strong, inclusive culture by meeting employees where they are. Drawing from her diverse experience and role at Lively, she’ll share insights from impactful onboarding to fostering team spirit. As a certified Life Coach who stands by #HarmonyinEveryHustle, Maryann’s leadership embodies the ethos of leading by example, proving how a balanced investment in Learning and Development can catalyze both individual fulfillment and organizational excellence. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a passionate thought leader dedicated to evolving the employee experience into a journey of personal and collective well-being. After this webinar you will learn how to:

  1. Inspire a new type of engagement that your company may not be using
  2. Acknowledge the importance of meeting employees where they are to create a strong culture

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