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October 6-8, 2024 • San Diego, CA


Culture Summit Free Online Workshop

Brought to you in partnership with Make Believe Works

Beyond Biases: Crafting Meaningful Workplace Relationships

Wednesday, June 5th 2024 | 2 PM, ET

About this Workshop:

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, forging genuine connections can be a daunting challenge, yet it remains a cornerstone of organizational success. As HR professionals and culture consultants, you are the architects of this crucial transformation. 

This workshop is designed not just as a learning experience, but as a pivotal moment in your career. It offers practical tools and insights to enhance your ability to build authentic, inclusive, and effective work environments.

Why Attend?

🌱 For Your Professional Growth: Understand and overcome hidden biases, a crucial skill in today’s diverse work landscape.

🏢 For Your Organization’s Success: Learn techniques you can use within your organizations and teams to foster a culture of empathy and open-mindedness, leading to more engagement and collaboration.

🌟 For Personal Fulfillment: Experience the joy and satisfaction of facilitating deeper, more meaningful connections within your workplace and beyond.

 Join us in pioneering a new era of workplace relationships, where distance and difference become bridges, not barriers. This workshop is your gateway to becoming a more impactful HR leader, equipped to shape a better world of work.

Key Details to Remember:

  • Interactive Format: This is not a typical webinar. Be ready to engage and interact with fellow participants.
  • Collaborative Breakout Rooms: You will join smaller groups for in-depth discussions.
  • This event was previously titled “Super Secret: Connecting Across Distance and Difference.”

About Workshop Sponsor –  Make Believe Works

Make Believe Works is a team-building company dedicated to cultivating emotional wellness in the workplace through creativity, community, and play. Individually, the sessions are designed to inspire introspection, build bonds between colleagues, and refuel creative confidence. But taken as a whole, Make Believe Works has an even deeper resonance. It helps build the emotional muscles to deal with uncertainty, push back on uniformity, and navigate unexpected change. 

Ben Swire
Co-Founder, Make Believe Works

Ben Swire is an award-winning designer and writer, former Design Lead at IDEO, and co-founder of Make Believe Works. He draws on a diverse background in design thinking, philosophy, marketing, psychology, and literature to explore the subtle and unexpected factors that influence people’s choices and perceptions. As a facilitator Ben prioritizes inclusivity, psychological safety, and ensuring that every voice is treated with respect. He has worked with Google, Salesforce, Netflix, and Donors Choose, among others, using creativity, empathy, and play to help people unlock insight, build meaningful connections, and have impact in their communities. His forthcoming book from Hachette Book Group focuses on identifying and practicing small creative risks that can unlock our authentic and unique voices and share them with the world.

Lara Storm
Co-Founder, Make Believe Works

Lara Storm is an international non-profit leader, transformational coach and co-founder of Make Believe Works. Through her work to empower women entrepreneurs in the developing world, a common theme began to resonate with her – beyond money and business skills, they yearned for a sense of belonging. It is this sense of safety and community that allows an individual to push the boundaries of convention, take risks, and soar to new heights. Inspired to build the connections that support individuals and teams to reach new levels of creativity and growth, Lara co-founded Make Believe Works and became a transformational coach. In her coaching and facilitation, Lara seeks to contribute to a world where individuals, teams, and leaders deepen their self awareness; where empathy facilitates understanding across cultural, racial, and socioeconomic divides; and where creative, inclusive, and joyful communities support each other to realize their dreams.

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