Take your culture transformation to the next level 

Purchase a three-day ticket
and attend the workshop day on June 25th where you choose two out of four workshops to attend.  Connect with culture building experts in intimate, hands-on sessions where you’ll learn a variety of actionable strategies and tactics. Each workshop is two hours long.


At all of our workshops you will walk away with:

1. Insights from experts in the field with a focus on actionable insights

2. Tools you can take back to work to help you execute your strategy

3. A group of peers who are facing similar challenges to you and can support you after the workshop

Important Note: 
The workshop day is held at Bespoke Event space while the conference days are held a block away at City View Metreon.

Each workshop is limited to 60 attendees.  Once the workshops are full, we will not release additional tickets.  Register early and reserve your seat.



Workshop A – Play for Innovation, Creativity and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Facilitators: Michelle Lee, Portfolio Director Design for Play at IDEO and Jenny Gottstein, Principal Experience Designer at IDEO


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2019 Workshops

Workshop B – Organizational Adulting

Facilitators: Holly Noto, Director of Consulting at XPLANE and Ben Carmel, Learning Designer and Consultant at XPLANE





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Workshop C – Optimizing Remote Work Lab: How to Help Your Employees Work Together Anywhere

Facilitators: Robleh Kirce, Facilitator at LifeLabs Learning



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Workshop D – Using Best-Self Management to Unlock Employee Potential

Facilitators: David Hassell, CEO at 15Five and Shane Metcalf, Chief Culture Officer at 15Five





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