What if Diversity Was an App?
Using Product Management Processes to Create Impactful Change



Diversity has undeniably become one of the top criteria millennials look for at companies. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) has become a prevalent focus of many companies, driven by public expectations and the need to align with modern realities. Yet most companies struggle with how exactly to achieve true diversity and establish a more inviting workplace.

While on the other end of the room, the product management process is the cornerstone of the tech industry. It holds a unique mix of problem-solving frameworks and collaboration methods that can generate amazing products.

Now what would happen if we took product management processes and principals and applied it to D&I to create impactful change?

Join us in this workshop designed exclusively for HR/Talent Acquisition professionals and D&I advocates motivated to help their companies in their journey for a more diverse, inclusive and fair workplace.

In this workshop, you will take a closer look at what product people do which can be applied in an HR context and explore new methods to:

  • Validate and implement feasible actions
  • Identify problems as D&I personnel
  • Define successful results and describe the solution

Facilitator Bio:

Ilit Raz is the the founder and CEO of Joonko. After starting her journey in tech at the age of 18. Ilit served in the 8200 Intelligence Unit for 8 years and then moved onto a career working at various startups all while earning her Executive MBA. Being well acclimated to isolation and gender bias that comes with being one of the only women in the room.

In early 2016, after 14 years in the technology industry, Ilit decided to finally do something about it and start eradicating the pains of women and minorities in the workplace. That’s when she founded Joonko.