Optimizing Remote Work Lab: How to Help Your Employees Work Together Anywhere


More and more companies are setting themselves up for remote/distributed teamwork and satellite offices. As a People Ops Person, what do you need to know to stay ahead of the curve? 

In this workshop by LifeLabs Learning we will explore hands-on, practical ways that you can revolutionize how your distributed teams communicate, self-regulate, and add to your company’s culture.

We will share best practices in both large and small groups and brainstorm fixes for your common challenges. You will leave with a framework that you can immediately put to use.

In This High-Speed Tour, We’ll Be Covering:

  • Research that will help you speak compellingly and accurately about distributed team dynamics
  • Insights on what remote/distributed workers most crave
  • Practice rounds with a 5-point diagnostic to evaluate your company’s current strengths and optimization areas
  • Easy hacks to set up distributed teams well, decrease miscommunications, get everyone on the same page, and combat out-of-sight / out-of mind mentality

Facilitator Bio:

This workshop will be taught by Megan Wheeler. Megan has a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She specializes in remote experience and managing dispersed teams. She has been head of L&D at Huge and managed the leadership development program at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Leadership Academy. She’s spoken on management at SXSW and published on individual assessments and job selection in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

The workshop has been developed by LifeLabs Learning, the go-to manager and leadership training resource for innovative companies (like Etsy, Reddit, Tinder, and Warby Parker).