Sex, Love, & Leadership:
A 21st Century Workshop to Explore the Soul of Culture



At the heart of all our endeavors are relationships. Whether with bosses or colleagues, with cofounders or funders, with lovers, with children, with parents, with friends, with teammates or with clients – relationships are at the crux of our successes and our blunders.

It is the quality of relationships within our organizations that creates our culture and determines whether we love going to work or hate it. 

We live in a relational world, yet with all we are taught during our formal education and on the job training, we are rarely offered scholarly or practical insight into the art and science of relationship.

We rarely question our assumptions or their genesis. To thrive at work, to create a thriving culture, we need to step back and reflect on the source.

In This Workshop, You Will:

  • Take a personal journey to explore the roots of relationship and intimacy and how they show up for you at works
  • Understand the increasing importance of “relational intelligence” and how it informs our work culture
  • Learn how understanding company culture from a relational framework can help individuals and teams navigate work perplexities
  • Leave with a creative tool for facilitating relational conversations and increasing understanding on both a personal and company level

Bring your curiosity and open heart on an earnest journey of the nexus between Sex, Love, & Leadership: a journey that just might open a window on a different way of thinking about and nurturing a culture of inclusion and understanding

Facilitator Bio:

Michèle Taipale is an executive coach at Futurosity as well as a leadership catalyst and passionate advocate for human potential.  She’ll challenge you to become more powerful, intentional, and effective in all realms of your life. She is a thought partner who helps world changers take their careers and their companies to the next level.

She is an advisor and coach to many young founders and innovators of pro-social companies such as Copia’s Komal Ahmad (Toyota Mother of Invention, Forbes 30 under 30) and Kidogo’s Sabrina Habib (Unilever Young Entrepreneur Awards). She is also a founding coach of the non-profit, The Coaching Fellowship, which nurtures and brings together some of the world’s most extraordinary women leaders of impact.