Trust Activation: Assessing and Building Trust in Your Organization



Whether building new initiatives, undertaking change programs, pursuing innovation, or executing under pressure, teams function best when they trust their leaders. Therefore, more than perhaps anything else they do, human-centered leaders must understand and build trust in their teams and organizations if they are to succeed. In this workshop, we’ll identify the foundations of trust, assess the level of trust in your organization, and put together a plan to begin building trust with your team(s).

In This Workshop, You Will Learn To:

  • Recognize the signs that trust is eroding or missing
  • Open dialogue around trust
  • Create concrete steps toward building trust


Facilitator Bio:

Greg Netzer, a senior consultant at XPLANE, focuses on helping leaders and
organizations clarify their vision and build the strategy and culture that will help them
attain it. He has consulted for and led organizations as varied as Fortune 100
companies and startup nonprofits for 25 years, leading their strategic planning, brand
development, organizational alignment, communications and business planning, and
change management efforts.