Culture + Design Thinking Hackathon



We know that culture change takes time — sometimes even years.

But what if you could create positive culture change within your organization right away?

Not after months of meetings and pages of notes – but immediately and effectively?

That’s the essence of what brings Rocky Ozaki, Founder of Now of Work, to teach his design thinking workshop at Culture Summit Virtual 2021.

While the concept of design thinking has been around for two decades or so, it is still relatively young as a methodology.

And only in recent years has it been applied to organizational and culture design.

If you’re not familiar with design thinking, it’s a framework that helps organizations focus on the people they’re creating for, which leads to better products, services, and processes.

In short, design thinking is about making change easier to digest.

And the best part is you don’t need to wait for permission from anyone to do it – you can start applying it to your work and see the benefits right away.

If you’re ready to learn more about design thinking and how to apply it in your organization, register for a workshop ticket at Culture Summit Virtual.

Rocky will teach the concepts of design thinking in a fun, hackathon-like format where attendees will:

  • align on a common culture challenge
  • rapidly ideate on possible solutions with a diverse team of people leaders
  • pitch it back to a broader audience for group sharing and learnings

Not only will you take away innovative culture enhancing ideas, but you’ll equip yourself with a framework that can be used to solve any organizational challenge/opportunity.

Facilitator Bio:

Rocky Ozaki is the founder and CEO of Now of Work Inc.  Inspiring leaders, and then helping to transform their culture and operations is where he finds joy. Leaning on his rich experiences in both large enterprise and scrappy tech startups, Rocky bringa a unique view on how modern companies must operate. It’s time to challenge all our old assumptions (work and life) if we wish to thrive in the next normal. The Future is NoW…are you ready?