Play for Innovation, Creativity and Wellbeing in the Workplace



IDEO’s Design for Play team leverages the science of play to create better products, services, environments, experiences and work cultures.

In this workshop, our team will share best practices around building a playful workplace that lends itself to groundbreaking innovation, employee wellness, and collaborative creativity.

Learn how to apply design thinking and play psychology as tools to convert any workplace challenge into a seedbed for trust, growth, and laughter.

In This Workshop, You Will:

  • Be inspired by intriguing ways that creative cultures are being generated across a variety of industries and occasions
  • Understand the key ingredients to develop a culture of creative confidence
  • Walk away with a clear and actionable process for future innovation, with an emphasis on creating a low-stakes environment for exploration and play

Facilitator Bio:

Michelle Lee is a Portfolio Director, leading IDEO’s Design for Play Team, an integrated team of researchers, designers, and developers bringing engaging, interactive and playful experiences to market. Immersed in a globally recognized design firm known for creative problem solving through design thinking, Michelle’s IDEO tenure includes design research and product design roles, impacting industries across health, finance, education, food and beverage, consumer products, mobility, and retail.

Michelle is driven by a desire to bring thoughtful solutions to fruition through user-centered design. Before IDEO, designing toys at VTech and University Games fueled her passion for play, while lead product roles at thredUP and ShopWell ignited her spirit of entrepreneurship. Michelle holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in the Joint Program for Design from Stanford University, where she’s also served as an instructor.

Jenny Gottstein is the Principal Experience Designer in the Play Lab at IDEO. She is passionate about building resilience, engagement, and creative solutions through play.

IDEO’s Design for Play team leverages the science of play to make a wide range of products, services, experiences and systems more engaging, sustainable and enjoyable. The team consults on physical play spaces, digital game concepts and mixed reality experiences. Based out of IDEO’s Play Lab, the team is dedicated to bringing play to a variety of industries, including Finance, Health, Mobility and Education.

Jenny was recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 for interactive game design. Prior to IDEO she designed over 600 events that blur the lines between reality and fiction, digital and analog, and education and entertainment. With clients such as Apple, Nike, HBO, Google, WeWork, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, YMCA, and California Refuse Recycling Council, Jenny has led immersive game projects, creativity trainings and design workshops around the world.