Workshop 5

From Real to Ideal: Envisioning and Moving Toward Your Best Culture




From measuring, to defining, living, and evolving.  A successful company culture creates a positive, unique working environment where business and employees can thrive. 


This workshop led by Sunny Grosso of Delivering Happiness begins by introducing the main elements of Happiness as a Business Model, including the concept of values-based culture as well as key elements from the science of happiness.


This interactive session emphasizes experiential learning and actionable takeaways that empower every participant to take both immediate and long-term action to build a plan for sustainable happiness at work.  Bring meaning and insight into your organization’s culture and increase overall awareness in a fun and vibrant way.  In this workshop you will:


  • Use animal and car totems to peek behind conscious notions of the current and ideal culture.
  • Elicit qualities and build a vibrant image of the ideal culture for your organization.
  • Collaborate in small teams to build action items and present findings with real value.


Speaker Bio:


Sunny’s mission is to inspire others to live BIG by being true to themselves and following their purpose. She is passionate about realizing this through positive work cultures.  As the Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness, Sunny co-built the model, developed the approach and led the services team. She is one of the few Core Coaches and is personally responsible for improving the culture at hundreds of organizations around the world.


She held key developmental roles in several business startups before becoming a founding member of the Delivering Happiness (DH) consulting team, co-founded by Tony Hsieh, CEO of  A global speaker, ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trained coach with a BA in psychology, Sunny’s got the credentials.