Designing a Conscious Intentional Culture



The Conscious Culture Model offers a map to help organizational leaders effectively outperform competitors by creating and scaling an intentional culture. Attendees will know what actions to take that furthers progress on building engagement and ownership in their unique culture.

Specific elements covered include vision, mission, values, behaviors, culture surveys, manager training, leadership development, HR system reinforcement and employment branding of their culture. It is a holistic approach to creating effective organizational culture based on over 30 years of real-world HR experience. The workshop will have several opportunities to learn from others at your table.

In This Workshop, You Will Learn To:

  • Measure the employee experience and why it matters to culture
  • Insightful examples of vision, mission, values and behaviors
  • Ways of reinforcing and recognizing your unique intentional culture
  • Practical steps to attract and retain culture-fit staff
  • Ways of getting leadership buy-in on culture-related activity

Facilitator Bio:


Russ Elliot, an expert on organizational culture, is the founder of the Conscious Culture Group, a consulting and executive coaching company committed to building a bridge between leadership’s culture intention and the employee experience. Working closely with leaders, Russ helps create organizational changes that build more effective and intentional cultures holistically. Russ brings his 32 years of HR practitioner experience to his consulting and coaching practice.

While serving as a SVP HR Director, his organization was recognized as a Best Place to Work in Silicon Valley and one of the top 40 banks to work for in the nation. Russ is on the faculty of UC Berkeley extension, Center for Creative Leadership, Global Institute of Leadership Development and Women in Leadership. Russ serves as a consultant, executive coach, educator, trainer and speaker.