Culture Mapping: A Systematic Tool For Creating Great, Sustainable Company Culture (Back by Popular Demand)



Culture is too important to be left intangible and described by ambiguous words like “innovative,” “collaborative,” or “open.” This is where culture mapping comes in.  A culture map makes the intangible tangible by answering the questions:

What do we value?

How should we work together?

What makes people successful here?

Who should we hire?

What can guide us in decision making?

This workshop will walk you through a process to uncover the ways you can create a workplace that is empowering, inspiring, efficient, or effective as it could be.  It will immerse your team in the latest thinking and tools for diagnosing and visualizing organizational culture.

You will leave with a robust set of approaches for diagnosing the culture you have, co-creating the culture you want, and visualizing these ideas so the invisible can be made visible.   This workshop will help you get unstuck and into action to build the culture you want to work in.

In This Workshop, You Will:

  • Diagnose and visualize your company’s culture 
  • Build skills and organizational capacity in culture diagnosis
  • Create a lasting organizational change
  • Take home hands-on tools to apply immediately

Facilitator Bio:

Greg Netzer brings over 25 years of experience in leadership, strategy, and communications to his work as a consultant with XPLANE. His approach to organizational alignment and design is informed by his work building culture within organizations he has led, as well as his experience helping his clients navigate their own brand- and culture-building efforts. He has worked with a broad range of organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to startups, established foundations to fledgling nonprofits, government agencies to educational organizations.