Director of Culture and Talent Development at Shopify

Culture Summit Panelist:

Scaling Culture – Insights From Leaders at Various Levels in a Company


Culture Q&A With Konval Matin

Describe your ideal workplace culture in 2-3 lines

A transparent, high trust culture where you get to do meaningful work. There isa constant state of learning from projects you work on and the incredibly talented people you work with. The ability to have autonomy to experiment, build, and have an impact on the business.


Throw money at a workplace culture problem, what would you spend it on?

Resources and time to develop leads and and the senior leadership team.


What are some common misconceptions about culture?

That you need to spend a lot of money to have great culture (ie. beautiful office spaces, etc.), but the things that make the biggest difference for people are actually free (like trust and autonomy). Although, they do require thought and effort.