CEO at The Go Game

Culture Summit Evening Activity Facilitator:

Guided by our custom smartphone app, your team will embark on a series of team-building challenges that call for communication, problem solving, and creativity.


Culture Q&A With Finn Kelly

What are some misconceptions about culture?

Companies often focus more on workplace design (snacks, lounge furniture, conference room hammocks, etc.) than on interpersonal connection. While environment does play a huge role in providing spaces to interact, the true fulcrum point of organizational culture rests on relationships and how they are nurtured. It’s essential for individuals to have opportunities to take creative risks together because that builds psychological safety which is the bedrock for them to work better together (beyond their technical competency.)   After 16 years of games, I may be biased, but I think play is one of the most brilliant ways to do that. Plus everyone will have a whole lot more fun together!


If you were to throw money at a workplace culture problem, what would you spend it on?

I would spend it on a facilitator to focus and refine the set of values the leadership team will adhere to.   In order for any cultural characteristic to filter through the organization, it needs to embodied and exercised by leadership first.