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Culture Summit Talk Topic:

Self Awareness and Driving the Bus Towards Leadership Buy-in


Culture Q&A With Claude Silver

Describe your ideal workplace culture in 2-3 lines

My ideal workplace culture is one that embraces inclusivity, the uniqueness of individuals and thrives with constant collaboration. It embodies a place that comes from openness and ultimately gives its employees a sense of security so they can bring their whole selves to work. And FUN! Let’s have FUN!


Throw money at a workplace culture problem, what would you spend it on?

Great Question! A company-wide offsite, split into revolving teams, filled with trust falls, ropes courses, team cooking, white water rafting. Basically, an Outward Bound course in a 24hr day!! Plus throw in a great looking sweatshirt to bring it together in unity.


What are some common misconceptions about culture?

Culture cannot be bought, nor can it be faked. It’s not one dimensional, it’s fluid and alive. Culture does not just appear when the CEO talks in front of the company or free beer arrives.  Culture is born from the top and nurtured from the ground up.