Attendees will attend morning workshops in which they are registered for.

12:00 PM

Attendees will attend afternoon workshops in which they are registered for.

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Helen Russel Atlassian - Culture Summit Keynote
Helen Russell
Chief People Officer at Atlassian

Atlassian recognizes that the ever-increasing complexity of work in our gig economy has thrust teams into a new role: they are the growth engines of business. The company has studied and worked with hundreds of teams over the years—technical and leadership, small and large, diverse and homogeneous. And along the way, Atlassian has learned a few things about what derails team health and performance and what empowers teams to stretch, fly and be the very best they can be.

This opening keynote will explore team dynamics and best practices, and how to overcome issues including trust, clarity, communication, and prioritization. While research proves that the introduction of a diverse team member materially increases the impact of a team, Atlassian recognizes that to truly maximize team impact requires a greater understanding of what is going on at the individual level.

Gaurav Valani
Head of Talent at Overstock

Improving customer experience is often a top business priority, but what about employee experience? Studies have shown that companies that excel at customer experience have a workforce that is 1.5X more engaged than companies that don't excel at customer experience. In this session, Gaurav Valani will use the principals of customer success to help you redesign your employee experience across the key areas of the employee journey map including.

- Hiring
- Onboarding
- Performance
- Growth
- Exit

Julian Lute
Organizational Culture Consultant at Great Place to Work


Sarah Elizabeth Graham - Employee Communications & Culture Manager at Twitter
Katie Womersley - Director of Engineering at Buffer
Afeef Hussain - Regional Director of Training and Development at LUX Resorts & Hotels


Julian Lute - Organizational Culture Consultant at Great Place to Work

Joshua Lavra
IDEO Products Lead

It's been proven that organizations who build and maintain a culture of creativity are more agile, engaged, innovative, and successful. In this session, Joshua Lavra will walk through the six key behaviors that build creative and innovative teams and include data and case studies that help conceptualize each behavior.

12:10 PM

Imagine if the Amazing Race, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and Cranium got funky at Culture Summit. That's The Classic Go Game. In this interactivity activity, you'll work with other culture champions to solve creative challenges that include fun trivia, photos and videos, head to head battles, and location riddles. This session provides a community building experience that helps you develop your peer/ally relationships.

Aaron Kahlow
Founder of

Description coming soon.

Robin Zander
Founder and Director of the Responsive Conference

This is a new session we're incorporating this year to give attendees the chance to share and present at Culture Summit. This Fishbowl style interactive discussion moderated by Robin Zander, offers attendees the opportunity to speak on the main stage and share insights, strategies, and best practices on how they have turned their company culture around.

9:00 AM

Cat Lee
Head of Culture at Pinterest

Keynote - Culture in Everything You Do: Weaving Your Mission and Core Values into Every Aspect of Your Employee Experience

Susan Lee
VP of People at Warby Parker

Description coming soon.

Jack Altman
Co-Founder and CEO at Lattice

Panelist: TBD


Jack Altman - Co-Founder and CEO at Lattice

Keynote - TBD

11:55 AM

In this facilitated interactive networking activity, you'll get to discover more about your core values and passions, connect with other culture champions on a deeper level, and share best practices about culture transformation through facilitated full group, small group and dyad challenges. This session helps create unique and memorable interactions that will support you in building your ``culture network.``

LaFawn Davis
Global Head of Culture & Inclusion at Twilio

Description coming soon.

Michelle Kim
Co-Founder and CEO at Awaken

Research shows the rising political and cultural tension in and outside of the office is impacting company cultures. In times of volatility, are your managers equipped to truly lead, to build and retain diverse and inclusive teams? Join this timely conversation with Michelle Kim to learn how to supercharge your managers to be agents of change in creating and sustaining inclusive culture.

Karlyn Borysenko
Owner and Principal at Zen Workplace

Description coming soon.

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