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You’re a Culture Champion.  You care about living a purpose driven life. You love people and want to feel inspired about how you work. People come to you to talk about what’s going on in the organization.


You might not be in HR. Instead, you might work at a university or a law firm. It doesn’t matter.  Those who know you, know how much you care about people, teamwork, and building a workplace everyone is excited to come to each day.


That’s why we built this program for you.  Because you want to elevate your game to the next level.  Because you want to take on a more active and engaged role in our mission.  And you want to surround yourself with others who feel the same way.


Introducing the Culture Summit Ambassadors Program


We’ve created a program that lets you join a thriving community of people first leaders.  You help brainstorm with our founders on new ideas. You get first access to our programs and provide valuable feedback.


You also earn goodies like swag, a chance to be featured on our website, and even a free ticket to Culture Summit.


What Do I Do?


You’re an advocate for culture. You help spread the word about Culture Summit in your workplace, local community, campus, network, family, the social Twittersphere and beyond.


Decorate your office with culture swag.  Experiment with our culture building tools.  Give feedback and brainstorm with the Culture Summit founders.


Attend and help organize Culture Summit events to connect with other local ambassadors.  Help us design the conference and community culture that you want to be a part of.


What Do I Get?


First access to coaching and mentorship programs.  Connect with others from the community in your city and around the country on Facebook, LinkedIn, and in person at local events.


Opportunity to be nominated and featured as a Culture Champion of the month. Share your story with our audience.  Build your personal brand and thought leadership in the culture space.


Culture swag and a chance to attend Culture Summit for free.


How Do I Start?


When you sign up for the program, you get a unique URL to share with your friends and family. The more people who sign up, the more rewards you earn.  


Use your personal link and get 5 people to sign up to officially become an ambassador and join our exclusive community.

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