A special gift to you from our sponsors who support our mission in elevating humanity in the workplace.

Socially Creative builds cohesive workplaces by bringing your vision and values to life. Check out the Culture Summit 2019 community Mosaic.

Customize yours and show everyone their unique “piece” matters–unify disparate departments, show new hires they matter, collectively define and reinforce company values.

Place your order by the end of July and get 25% off a similar style Mosaic as seen above and customize it with your company logo or brand. Place your order by July 17th and get 40% off.

Design yours today by scheduling 30 minute consultation.

MyIntent is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. We are not a jewelry company – we are a service project.

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Lattice is the people management platform that helps you develop engaged and high-performing teams. 1,200+ of the world’s best places to work use Lattice’s #1 rated suite of continuous performance and employee engagement tools to enrich their company culture.

Sign up for a demo to see how Lattice can help your organization.

Also, be sure to check out Resources for Humans, a free community of over 4,500 HR professionals. Get access to exclusive local events, connect with other people leaders, and participate in daily discussions on HR topics important to you.

Snappy reinvents the way companies recognize and reward their team members with personalized and joyful gifts.

Unlike gift cards or other generic corporate gifts that don’t bring the desired motivational result, Snappy offers a fun and interactive digital experience by allowing team members to choose the gift they actually like from personalized options. Special Offer: Sign Up with Snappy in the month of August and mention “Culture Summit” to receive waived Set Up fees a $5000 value!

Recognized as the “perfect glamping experience” by Vogue, Under Canvas provides immersive outdoor experiences that enable teams to share experiences in the outdoors in comfort and style.

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OfficeVibe helps companies become People-First by empowering managers to be better leaders as their actions and influence are the most critical in making their people thrive.

Our solution allows each manager to see in real-time how their teams are doing and get recommendations of actionable tips on how to address the challenges they are facing. As business leaders, you will also get to see the state of engagement of teams across your organization to fuel your People Strategy.

People can register online for free a here.

“Make it a memory” is what Sourced Craft Cocktail’s goal is with every event they service!

Sourced would love to be of service for all your future event needs, be it company happy hours, celebrations, or team building activities.

To book with them, please visit their website or email at bookthebar@sourcedcraftcocktails.com and mention “Culture Summit 2019” for a bonus cocktail for your next event.

BreakoutIQ creates fun experiences for a better workplace. They offer bite-sized team building activities every week via Slack or email for increasing employee engagement (including versions for remote and growing teams) and amazing team building activities for any size, location, and occasion.

They are also about to launch curated quarterly and monthly team building programs with a broad mix of activity types.

Save 10% off any team building activities by mentioning “Culture Summit 2019” in your event request. Get a free trial of their upcoming Coffee Break Contest launch.

Enhance your event by incorporating one of Oh Snap’s engaging photo booth experiences! Their open-concept booths entice guests to join the fun as there are no walls to hide the contagious laughter that occurs in front of the camera.

Now offering three unique photo booth experiences, choose between our Flagship Studio Booth, our highly interactive and fully digital Boomerang Booth, or get the best of both worlds with our feature-packed Combo Booth!

Oh Snap! Booth Co. services are offered the San Francisco Bay Area and New York Tri-State Area.

Special Offer: Book a booth for an event happening by September 30th and mention Culture Summit to receive a 10% discount.

Ahhh Massage would love to keep the morale going and promote wellness in your workplace! Contact them for 15% off any one-time employee appreciation event or ongoing program.

Their services are nationwide with an online scheduling platform for push notifications, calendar syncs and more.  They make the scheduling a breeze!  For more info, please visit Ahhh Massage.

Rockit Prints has over 20 years experience in the apparel and print industry helping countless companies get the coolest swag for their organizations.  Mention Culture Summit and get 15% off your first order.

Culture Czars helps you create an environment where your teams thrive and become the best that they can be. They do this by taking you through 9 Deeds in 90 Days and promise that you will go from simply having core values to truly having a valued culture.

Get a free 30-minute consultation by emailing will@cultureczars.com.

The Town Kitchen is a B2B food delivery company with a commitment to uplift and empower formerly incarcerated youth coming from foster care by employing and giving them professional skills that will allow them access to opportunities.

They offer chef-crafted seasonal menus that offer breakfast, lunch or happy hours for your office.

Place your first order by the end of August and get 20% off by using #impactyouth as the discount code.  Email or call at 510-296-3198.

Serves only SF Bay Area currently.