Workshop 2

The Secret to Scaling Great Culture – Focus on Principles and Not Rules




One of the most influential elements in creating a lasting, successful company is its ability to scale a winning culture. Yet few companies actually pull it off. They seem to lose their mojo and begin to resemble the companies they so desperately wanted to be different from.


Why is this? The failure to scale a great culture stems primarily from the company’s lack of attention to the underlying principles that helped the company make smart decisions in the first place. Without a near-maniacal focus on principles over rules, a company culture begins to lose its ability to act quickly and smartly.  In a rapidly changing world, this can be lethal.


This workshop focuses on principles for identifying, making explicit, and then embedding in every facet of the organization the company’s core principles that will guide the decisions they make and actions they take. 


Speaker Bio:


Clynton Taylor has more than 20 years of experience working with organizations to help them craft cultures of innovation. Basing his work on the belief that people learn by doing, he has lead clients through innovation projects to identify deep customer needs then design and develop new products, services, and businesses. He applies his unique background of organizational psychology, design planning, and innovation strategy to help organizations transform.

He’s had the privilege of working with a number of amazing organizations, including Target, Intel, Harley-Davidson, PepsiCo, GE, FedEx and the San Diego Zoo. His work has been profiled in publications ranging from the New York Times to Businessweek. He also teaches in the Masters of Business Innovation program at CEDIM in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.